Auto Glass Service

glassUniversal Tire & Autoglass  specializes in auto glass replacement.  We have extensive experience and expertise with every kind of auto glass service, including windshield replacement, side door glass replacement, rear window replacement, and sun and moon roof glass replacement. We even replace glass on specialty vehicles like RV’s

Premium Glass & Materials

We use only factory-authorized glass from industry-approved sources.   We use premium Sika brand urethane adhesive that we heat to 180°.  It provides the strongest seal possible as it cools.

Lifetime Warranty

Universal Tire & Auto Glass provides our customers a Lifetime Warranty against defects in material and workmanship.  The Warranty stays in place for as long as you own the vehicle.  Should you experience any issues as a result of our work, just call us,  and one of our customer service representatives will assist you and  resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Windshield Replacement

Your windshield is classified as a “safety device” because it provides structural strength to your vehicle and helps to keep passengers inside the car if an accident should occur. As a result, we never cut corners when it comes to a safe windshield replacement.

The windshield replacement is a total process of about two hours. Approximately one hour for the replacement, and another one hour cure period before the vehicle is safe to drive.

Universal Tire & Auto Glass delivers safe, convenient, and expert windshield replacements in Vancouver Washington.